The getaways

The park consists of 23 detached spacious houses all built with green standards in mind. We have taken inspiration from the surroundings from the old style lodges in Scotland and converted this in a 2.0 version.  Warm, private, well insulated and built in such a way you can enjoy the beautiful landscape. 

There are 20 two bedroom homes all very generous size of 89 sqm and 3 four bedroom homes of 133 sqm.

The timber frame kit is specially designed and produced for the park. Heavy insulation has been pre-fitted in controlled factory conditions making sure the houses stay warm with a minimum of heating cost. The base, a full concrete build up heavily insulated foundation.

The roof of the houses is a special feature. As the design brief was “ fitting in the landscape/agricultural look “ the roof needed to be

something different. A special steel roof preserved by a black coating makes sure the snow will fly of the roof and noise is reduced to a minimum.

The roof edges are packed in custom made steel flashings.

The houses have been designed to get the light from outside in. High ceilings in the living area with almost building high windows make sure the surroundings are framed like a beautiful painting.

Each house comes with a family bathroom and most bedrooms also having ensuites with shower. There are also kitchens in each property, which are designed by our own interior architect and are equipped with all the modern comforts.

The timber frame panels have been cladded on the outside in a pebble grey fibre cement plank. This ensures low energy cost as well as low maintenance cost.

The fibre cement cladding has an excellent fire rating and the houses all have a fire barrier behind the cladding. Smoke and heat detection is fitted in all lodges.


The park is nearing completion and we are opening summer 2024 please view our reservation page for more info on renting your getaway.

We will be open 365 days per year this to make sure you can enjoy the Scottish Highlands in all seasons!